In the future, how will we solve problems for which architects are currently our best answer?

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The future

All professions are about to be radically disrupted - by technologies such as machine learning, but mostly because of the looming convergence of social, environmental and economic tipping points.

This journal is for anyone interested in anything spatial, how it anticipates the coming disruption, and how that might turn into a way of making a living in a sustainable way.

Get rewarded for doing what you believe is important

The way that architects learn and work has changed very little in the last 500 years.

That is a problem because the values of the profession have become ever more detached from the values of our future, younger practitioners and, most worryingly, from society at large.

With this in mind, we are developing Project 360 as an alternative.

Re-imagining architectural practice
How, in the future, will we solve problems to which architects are currently our best answer?
Crisis in Architecture
Passionate constructive criticism from someone who is not an architect, but who loves architecture